Information for Choir Members

These pages contain important information including rehearsal dates, details of our concert dress code and practice resources to download.

There will be news for choir members plus a list of key dates.

There is a list of the current members of the committee.

We sometimes send out emails to all members whose addresses we have in our email list. You will be told at a rehearsal when this is done, so if you don’t receive an email, please advise us so that we can update our records.

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(Page last updated 9th April 2019)
Download a printable version of our recruitment poster here.

If you find any problems or have suggestions, please speak to Jeremy or
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In rehearsal

Please let Jeremy know by email about any videos you may find on YouTube of the same versions of the songs as we are singing for this concert. Please include in your email, if you can, a link to the video.

To play the videos, click the icon on the right

Many thanks to Julie Walters for finding the first set of links to YouTube videos for YGF, BOTW, CD, BR, BBB, JB, LMM2 & TYM (keeping to the same abbreviations as are on the Rehearsals Page). The quality of these performances is highly variable!

"You've got a Friend"
Play Video
"Bridge Over Troubled Water"
Play Video
"California Dreamin'"
Play Video
"Bohemian Rhapsody"
Play Video
"Best of the Beach Boys"
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"Jersey Boys"
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"Lennon McCartney Medley No. 2" (this seems to be different as there is an extra verse for When I'm 64 at the end)
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"Thank You for the Music"
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