Information for Choir Members

These pages contain important information including rehearsal dates, details of our concert dress code and practice resources to download.

There will be news for choir members plus a list of key dates.

There is a list of the current members of the committee.

We sometimes send out emails to all members whose addresses we have in our email list. You will be told at a rehearsal when this is done, so if you don’t receive an email, please advise us so that we can update our records.

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(Page last updated 13th October 2018)
In rehearsal
Rehearsals are all held at Bromley Common Methodist Church, Bromley Common,
BR2 9RZ (Map) from 7.45pm to 10pm unless otherwise stated:

Autumn Concert (Concert Date 27th October 2018 at 7.30pm)

Bromley Phil members are welcome to attend any Kentish Opera rehearsals.
KO rehearsals take place at Christ Church, Charterhouse Road, BR6 9EP on Wednesdays from 7.30pm to 10.00pm.

Who sings which parts
Robyn has decided on the following allocation of voice parts for the two sets of singers in order to produce the best balanced sound.
Choir 1 will be the firsts from both BPC and KO Chorus.
Choir 2 will be the seconds from both BPC and KO Chorus.

New - Dress Code for Autumn Concert
Ladies - All black with minimal bling.
Gents - Black DJ and trousers, white dress shirt and black bow tie.
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  28th - Music rehearsed - Learnt p1-49 (1. Requiem & Kyrie Eleison &
          start of 2. Dies Irae) & p189-193 & sang through from p194-218
          (part of 7. Libera Me)
  5th   - Music rehearsed - Revised p189-192 & learnt p193-207
          (part of 7. Libera Me)
12th - Music rehearsed - Learnt p208 to end (rest of 7. Libera Me) &
          revised p1-21 (1. Requiem & Kyrie Eleison)
  Summer Break
  6th   - Music rehearsed - Sang through and learnt p129-153
          (4. Sanctus) & sang through p154-161 (5. Agnus Dei)
13th - Music rehearsed - Learnt p154-161 (5. Agnus Dei) & revised
          p129-153 (4. Sanctus) & p175-218 (7. Libera Me)
20th - Music rehearsed - Revised p1-49 (1. Requiem & Kyrie Eleison
          & start of 2. Dies Irae) & learnt p56-70 (more of 2. Dies Irae)
27th - Music rehearsed - Learnt final sections - p86-105 (2. Dies
          Irae) & sang through everything
  4th   - Music rehearsed - Learnt p91-105 & p86-89 & revised all the
11th - Music rehearsed - Revised p189-218 & p91-105
18th - Plan - Continue refining with concentration on p129-153
24th - Extra - Combined rehearsal with KO at St. Georges at 7.30pm
          Church set up - Helpers needed from 7.00pm
25th - Combined rehearsal with KO at Bromley Common
27th - Final rehearsal at 2.00pm and concert at 7.30pm
          St. Georges Parish Church, Beckenham BR3 1AX
          Church set up - Helpers needed from 1.30pm and after the
          concert to clear everything away