Information for Choir Members

These pages contain important information including rehearsal dates, details of our concert dress code and practice resources to download or watch.

There will be news for choir members plus a list of key dates.

There is a list of the current members of the committee.

We sometimes send out emails to all members whose addresses we have in our email list. You will be told at a rehearsal when this is done, so if you don’t receive an email, please advise us so that we can update our records.

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(Page last updated 9th April 2020)
In rehearsal
Until further notice, as a result of the Corona Virus Outbreak all rehearsals have been CANCELLED

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Some Musical Definitions

Week 3
the days leading up to Easto
(with eggo and choco and things)
brewed in Germany
(hence "Handel's Largo reaches the parts other beers cannot reach")
Piu Animato if you don't clean that rabbit out, it will have to go
Interval time to meet the players in the bar
Perfect Interval     when the drinks are on the house
Week 2
Con moto I have a car
Allegro a small motor car
Maestro a bigger motor car
Metronome            person small enough to fit comfortably into a mini
Week 1
p - piano (soft) the neighbours have complained
f - forte (loud) the neighbours are out
crescendo - getting louder testing the neighbours tolerance level
ff - fortissimo (VERY loud) to hell with the neighbours
pp - pianissimo (VERY soft) the neighbours are at the door